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Welcome To The Belmont Woman's Club & The 1853 Homer House

Belmont Woman's Club Welcomes Author Barbara Berenson on Tuesday January 9th at 7pm at the Belmont Public Library Assembly Room. This event is free and open to the public.

Barbara F. Berenson

Barbara Berenson is the author of Boston in the Civil War: Hub of the Second Revolution (The History Press 2014) and Walking Tours of Civil War Boston: Hub of Abolitionism (2011, 2d ed. 2014). Her next book, Massachusetts in the Woman Suffrage Movement: Revolutionary Reformers will be published in the spring of 2018.
Barbara earned her undergraduate degree from Harvard College and her law degree from Harvard Law School.  She works as a Senior Attorney at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. She is the co-editor, with Hon. Margot Botsford and Hon. Patti Saris, of Breaking Barriers: The Unfinished Story of Women Lawyers and Judges in Massachusetts (2012).  

Boston and the Civil War: Hub of the Second Revolution by Barbara F. Berenson

On Tuesday, January 9th at 7pm, Barbara F. Berenson will discuss Boston and the Civil War: Hub of the Second Revolution.  The book explores how Boston, for the second time, changed the fate of the nation. Inspired by their Patriot forefathers and nurtured in the nation’s “cradle of liberty,” Boston's abolitionists sparked a Second American Revolution – this one intended to force the nation to live up to the promises of liberty and equality contained in the Declaration of Independence. Berenson’s talk will also address how the women’s rights movement emerged from within the anti-slavery movement in the years before the Civil War.

The Belmont Woman's Club, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, has been a part of the Belmont community since 1920. Organized to encourage women's active involvement in educational and philanthropic activities, the Club purchased the 1853 William Flagg Homer House on Pleasant Street in 1927 after learning that a developer planned to tear it down. The Woman's Club established the Homer House as its permanent residence and has maintained the property ever since.

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